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Things you should understand if you deal with these 4 situations of life.

Hello readers,

I know many of you may be reading my blog post ……for first time so for …them a little brief info.  About my blog I am Anne. I am sole admin of this blog…and yes! this blog is basically about how to deal with life situations…
So, what kind of situations I am actually dealing in my life can be pointed like this:-
1.       If you have recently gone through a breakup which was not actually a break up…(confused)
2.       You made new friends …because you are turning from an introvert to an extrovert.
3.       You are woman who is open minded…but wait! World actually don’t know that.
4.       And because you are newly single and exploring the world…everyone doesn’t trust you.
I am going to explain these situations in detail may be it will help you if you go through the same:-
1.       If you have recently gone through a breakup:-
I am sure many of you are dealing with this one. And for them I would suggest them to see one of the Sandeep Maheswari video have shared in my Facebook page @mycovertlife.
I watched the video and it was really helpful which made me understand that whatever I have gone was good …for my own development.

2.       You made new friends. -  making friends is part of life …A man can’t live alone, unless he/she is loner. I  am talking about myself…because I made new friends…and I don’t know  how long this friendship would survive because  by nature I am loner …I have lived and survived this life too much alone that I actually don’t know how to deal with this sudden changes . I trust them...but I know something’s are not permanent. But till than you can enjoy that friendship.
Don’t judge them every time… they are trying to understand you …especially when your friends belong to opposite gender.
3.       You are woman who is opening minded: - I am working woman and I face so many things day to day … I have my own point of views …and sometimes… things turn awkward.
People only see as a woman; who is young, single and immature. They don’t know what you think about them. They only want you to hear them. And don’t want to listen and understand you.

4.       You are newly single and exploring the world:-  if you are single and randomly thinking of dating anyone … I am telling you don’t be in hurry .
World is big and first you need to explore it...before actually dive in it. I am talking about myself …I meet new people every time.  If you ask me, you know what I am really surrounded by so many attractive men’s. I can date anyone of them…but I am taking time. Because I want  to understand things and don’t want make another mistake.

PS: - I am writing everything in general in this post …because recently I am under scrutiny …my every post is under inspection.


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