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Desperate for a love relationship...# LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS

Overcome the sudden feeling of love.

Hi, dear readers ….

I am preoccupied by love….. Yap … this is how it is.

And it’s a long story …. Which starts many years back… but here at this post I will be discussing how to overcome the feeling of love.πŸ˜›
I am 20+ and many of us by this age have relationship stuff, commitments and lots of you you know… sex XOXon...πŸ˜πŸ’ oops don’t go so deep.
But  I am particular focusing about is -"how it is to be a single woman."

Soon after the college when I graduated my main aim was to get job… and become self independent. Which to irony in Indian society … because you know it’s like another version of dowry demand.

I got job but I lost many things …( which i am not going to mention).

Most of the *women's (πŸ‘ˆat here I am talking about smart woman) who are independent and would find no interest in a relationship i.e. commitment for man, whom you don’t even understand and lifelong adjustments (which is not possible).

It’s not that, I don’t want to get married or be in love with someone who could actually understand me the way I am ….. Actually, so far; I have dated two persons…. But ,I am never too lucky in love. (Not to mention it’s a long story.)

I can easily get impressed but ,I have high standards …😍
Recently,  I proposed a person. Whom I was dating for 5 years, and what he said ,totally dejected me.He neither said -"he loves me…"or he said- " I would like you to be my life partner."  He said- "he can’t marry me sooner or later because, he is not settled down in his life" …and then I felt useless …so far he was just playing my emotions.

What a shit I am.πŸ’©
Well, he doesn’t know that I really comprised on my standards…because of him…and I could have gone far if he had agreed on my proposal. But it was his loss.
So, coming back to topic how it’s difficult for a single *woman/man to overcome feeling of love.

I ,actually became sad knowing that, I am single and so less experienced. I want to meet new people and understand world… But as, I started meeting more people; I felt more and more stupid.

Reason is that as I look down on myself…. I don’t find anyone good … and then you feel like dustbin…where everyone throws their shit … that’s why nowadays I don’t even accept new friend request.πŸ™

Some people think that ,when we feel lonely it is right time to get married…but tell me “if you can’t handle yourself now than how would you handle the second person who would become your better half”.
So, don’t be so desperate to fall in love with every second person you meet.

. Firstly, be on your sense.πŸ’

· Let say when you meet people… give your good impression.

It is good to have an impression on a person (until you are some player). When you meet someone it's  not important that how they are … it is important how you are to them.

Be friendly but not so over… according to me I try my best to be good friend… but sometimes I cross things which are not good.
Decide what actually you feel is mutual. Sometimes being close to person makes you feel good…but it not necessary they feel same…

Have some common grounds ……sometimes some common things between people help you to understand them…try to take interest.
Be original not to fake.
Above points are just some views regarding approaching people… but in reality the things are different.
Person who will actually fall for you will disregards all the above point which is true fact.

Person who will actually love you will irritate you lot… he/she will be there for you in a secret manner. They will be your stalker. They would just stand there and wait for you until you notice them. And if you meet such kind of person… don’t be happy…. It’s a trial tests. You have to checked on them with every thing( every aspect) because they can break you very easily.

PS. I am mediocre . To be in love its very easy ....i can't count how many times i thought i could love a person and then get ditched. So, the above views are just I sided theory understand it, you have to be bold enough.


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